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The journey of Sara Harper: UrbanBox Modernization Journey – Benefits Gained

Ronald Haantjes

Ronald Haantjes - Commercial Director Americas

In this final blog post on Sara Harper’s journey modernizing the Enterprise Application at UrbanBox, we look over the shoulders of the UrbanBox boardmembers as Sara presents the monetary savings gained, costs eliminated, and other benefits achieved.

#ProjectMonetary benefitsOther benefits
1Invoice Process Automation$180k per year by eliminating third-party service.Avoid late payment penalties.Near instant processing of data for accurate snapshot overviews.
2App for external mobile service techniciansOne-time $150k saved on future ERP license costs. Reduction in ongoing IT hardware, software and maintenance costs.Increased productivity due to lightweight, faster and, easy-to-use web-based alternative
3App for Warranty ManagementOne-time $20k saved on future ERP license costs. Reduction in warranty claims worth $80k per year.Better future insights into the frequency and nature of defects due to direct data feed into Data Lakehouse.
4Safeguarding Software Security & PerformanceAvoidance of cost and loss of business associated with downtime of critical business software.10% increase in uptime of critical business software
5Modernizing Shopfloor ProcessOne-time $75k saved on future ERP license costs10% reduction in manufacturing lead-time
6Turning Data into WisdomTo be determined. Supply-chain optimization will lead to a reduction in transportation costs.Optimized product-market mix and targeted marketing campaigns due to better insights into customer wants and needs.
7Custom Living ConfigurationsAnnual savings of $25k with Vanenburg’s ProjectCloud solutionBetter insights into inefficiencies and possible optimizations of custom projects due to the seamless inclusion of project data into Data Lakehouse
8Innovative use of GenAI30% increase in quote-to-order conversion. 60% reduction in time and effort to source containers. 15% decrease in container acquisition costs.Increased customer satisfaction due to accurate depiction of the final product and faster overall delivery times. Time and dollar savings due to more efficient use of company human resources.

Instead of treating the UrbanBox business application landscape as a monolithic closed system, Sara and her team adopted a ‘Composable Architecture’ approach. This enabled them to focus on optimizing individual functional software application components by using interconnected best-of-breed solutions working in concert, side-stepping the complexity and costs of big-bang upgrades or replacements.

Your Journey: Embrace the Composable Architecture Approach

Inspired by Sara Harper’s successful transformation of UrbanBox’s Enterprise Application, your organization, too, can benefit from the power of composable architecture:

1) Embark on your enterprise application modernization journey today:

  • Evaluate your current application landscape: Identify areas for optimization and potential modernization opportunities.
  • Assemble a cross-functional team: Bring together business, IT, and architecture experts to drive the modernization process.
  • Establish clear goals and objectives: Define the desired outcomes and measurable metrics to track progress.

2) Transform your enterprise application landscape:

  • Adopt a modular approach: Break down monolithic systems into interoperable components for greater agility and flexibility.
  • Leverage best-of-breed solutions: Assemble solutions for specific tasks, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Invest in data intelligence: Harness the power of data lakes and analytics to derive valuable insights and drive informed decision-making.

3) Reap the benefits:

  • Monetary savings: Eliminate unnecessary third-party services, reduce licensing costs, and optimize operational expenses.
  • Enhanced productivity: Streamline workflows, empower employees, and boost decision-making capabilities.
  • Data-driven insights: Gain actionable insights into customer behaviors, product performance, and supply chain optimization.

Unlock the transformative power of a composable architecture and propel your
organization towards greater efficiency, agility, and customer satisfaction.

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