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Past events & webinars

Vanenburg Meets Vanenburg

Gerald Vanenburg is an iconic former Dutch footballer and was part of the national team that won the European Championship in 1988. We had the pleasure of finally meeting him in person at our Vanenburg Meets Vanenburg event!

Rappit screen

Webinar: 10x your application development with Rappit Developer

Rappit Developer allows consultants and developers to accelerate the building of Java-based advanced enterprise business apps at scale on Google Cloud through smart requirements gathering, instant prototyping, and code generation.

Achieving data-driven innovation with GCP

68% of companies are unable to realize measurable value from data. Do you feel hampered by siloed data storage and legacy data warehouses?  Then do watch this 35-minute webinar for IT & business leaders.

Webinar: Leading the way in retail with agile core software (Dutch spoken)

See how fashion retailer Omoda deals with the challenges in the industry and how its legacy software is being replaced by flexible software, differentiating them from its competitors.

Ardjan Baan featured at Acceleration Economy

Aaron Back, Chief Content Officer and Founding Analyst at Acceleration Economy, chats with Ardjan Baan, CEO of Vanenburg, about how it creates value for its customers by turning its data into intelligence.

FutureVibe 2022

FutureVibe 2022: Modernizing your enterprise IT

FutureVibe 2022: Modernizing your enterprise IT! The event was held on November 17th, 2022 at Kasteel de Vanenburg in Putten. Enjoy the latest developments, inspirational speakers, unique customer stories, and much more!

foto FutureVibe tijdens event

FutureVibe 2021: Unlock Digital

FutureVibe 2021: Unlock Digital was virtually hosted in an interactive and professional way, to give you a dynamic experience on your doorstep. Hosted by Vincent Everts, technology trendwatcher, digital transformation lover, and moderator.

Solvay Future Vibe 2020

FutureVibe 2020

FutureVibe 2020 gives you insights on the latest and greatest on Enterprise IT modernization, ERP extensions, Google Cloud Platform, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data and Rapid Application Development. Watch all the session now and get inspired by IT professionals.