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Retail & Wholesale

What if... your core system has become legacy?

The challenge

At Vanenburg, we understand that as a retailer or wholesaler, you need scalability, data-driven solutions, and flexibility.

However, your legacy system is monolithic and built on obsolete technology that is inflexible and difficult to maintain. You’re facing scalability and performance issues, and finding skilled developers is becoming more and more difficult.

As an experienced IT partner in the industry, we transform your legacy into a modern, future-ready core platform for all operational domains.

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Modernize your legacy system

Your system must handle multiple order per second during high-volume events. Don’t let technological limitations hamper your growth ambitions. Your company is unique, which means you need a unique solution to stand out from competitors. Take advantage of rapid application development by leveraging our Rappit Developer high productivity coding for a jumpstart and become a future-proof powerhouse.

Differentiate with data-driven solutions

Your system holds crucial inaccessible insights that could help with personalized recommendations based on past purchases. Differentiate with data-driven solutions to enable new revenue streams, omnichannel business model support, and better customer experience. With Rappit Composer – our no-code apps and flows platform, you quickly and economically build small, task-driven apps to streamline processes.  

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Intelligent document processing

Many of your documents are received in email, pdf or on paper. Processing the information from these documents into your ERP or WMS is often done manually. This is cumbersome, time-consuming and costly.

With Rappit Undoc, you extract valuable business insights from complex data through real-time document processing. We use machine learning to classify documents, extract information from them, and embed this into your back-end systems. Resulting in improved operational efficiency, with a typical Return on Investment within one year.

Trusted by our customers

“With the new, intelligent ERP system developed by Vanenburg in close collaboration with Omoda, we are now able to achieve double-digit revenue growth! While also realizing double-digit efficiency gains”

Jan Baan - CEO, Omoda

What if... your core system has become legacy?

... the Vanenburg way:

Translating home-grown AS/400 legacy based ERP system into up-to-date core operational system for all organizational domains.

Talk to an expert to start your modernization journey.

Jonathan van Vianen

Business Development Manager