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Omoda: Modernizing a legacy ERP to facilitate a retailer’s growth ambition

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Custom ERP/WMS with intelligent capabilities on Google Cloud

Omoda, in partnership with Vanenburg, transformed its legacy AS/400 ERP system into a modern, future-ready core platform for all operational domains. By leveraging Google Cloud’s data analytics and machine learning capabilities, Omoda is now equipped with a truly intelligent system, enabling it to achieve significant growth, both in revenue (+30%) and operational efficiency.

Their challenges were:

  • Legacy: Omoda’s 15-year-old homegrown AS/400 ERP system, is a monolithic behemoth built on obsolete technology, that is inflexible and difficult to maintain.
  • Scalability & performance: Originally built to process hundreds of orders per hour, Omoda’s system must now handle multiple orders per second during high-volume events and to accommodate the company’s growth ambitions.
  • Developer scarcity: Finding skilled AS/400 developers is becoming more difficult. Meanwhile, the need
    for swift and efficient software development grows ever more urgent.
  • Hampering new growth: The current system stymies exploration of new business models and offers meager omnichannel support. Its technological limitations obstruct Omoda’s ambitions.
  • Need for data-driven solutions: Omoda’s e-commerce ambitions are hindered by a lack of data-driven solutions. The system holds crucial inaccessible insights that could help with personalized recommendations based on past purchases.

“With the new, intelligent ERP system developed by Vanenburg in close collaboration with Omoda, we are now able to achieve double-digit revenue growth! While also realizing double-digit efficiency gains”

Jan Baan, CEO – Omoda

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