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Offering an omnichannel e-commerce platform integrated with Salesforce is a webshop from South Dakota, that specializes in spare parts. The products they sell vary from air conditioning parts to door handles to seat cushions. Although they are a start-up, they have strong relationships with suppliers from around the world. This way they are always able to offer the best quality at competitive rates. They understand that their customers are busy and want to find the desired parts quickly and easily. We are glad to be’s partner in realizing this mission!


As a webshop, deals with many time-consuming tasks, such as purchasing, invoicing, accounting, order picking, and warehouse and supplier management. The more time they have to spend time on such activities, the less they can focus on their core business: to offer customers the best online experience. Therefore, needed three solutions: integration of CRM and sales channels, warehouse management, and supplier management. case study

Vanenburg managed to develop integrations between Salesforce and the different webshops on Magento,eBay, Amazon, Wix, and Shopify. On top of that, warehouse management was improved and a supplier portal was developed.

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