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CRAB: Powering the digital marketplace for global dry bulk shipping

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Powering the digital marketplace for global dry bulk shipping.

Crab is a digital marketplace connecting charterers, brokers, and vessel owners to enable all stakeholders to fix better. By leveraging Vanenburg’s Rappit Composer platform, it discovers the best available vessels and multiple offers for shipping cargo. Catering to different types of users – charterers/cargo owners, ship brokers (and ship owners), Crab can offer thousands of listings/ offers/ fixtures per month for thousands of users, saving approximately 50% of time and effort compared to the conventional, manual process.

Their challenges were:

  • Complexity: Dry bulk refers to the shipment of non-liquid or non-containerized cargo (coal, grain, iron ore etc.), typically transported in large quantities. It is a crucial component of the maritime supply chain involving a complex network of participants (commodity companies, ship owners, operators, etc).
  • Transparency: Finding the best vessel and freight parties is difficult and requires more transparency on vessel availabilities. Which will Increase opportunities, optimize vessel loads, and reduce costs..
  • Differentiation: A digital platform that revolutionizes the industry is required. A marketplace that connects supply & demand and truly provides value to all supply chain stakeholders, including brokers (which most digital freight platforms want to cut out).

“Vanenburg has been a very reliable and proactive technology partner for us, right from concept to development to going live. They have built a very robust platform, and the team is highly committed to customer success.”

Rishit Dalal, Founder – Crab

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